Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Australian Working Visas Set to be Approved by the Government Next Year

For the financial year 2006-2007, the Australian government has launched 20,000 additional job vacancies in its continuing effort to combat skills shortage. A total of more than 100,000 jobs are now available in the land down under, which is what makes the Australian working visa the most popular Australian visa of all.

After all too, Australia is now considered the job opportunity mecca of the world, with over 150,000 jobs being advertised each week. Add to this the fact that for the last ten years, Australia has been enjoying a low unemployment rate.

This is why skilled professionals and tradespersons from all over the world continue to flock into the country, armed with their Australian working visa guaranteed to realise their dreams of better job opportunities and better lives.

Under the simplified Australian visa system, an extra 10 points will be awarded to State/Region sponsorship under the Skilled Independent Regional (SIR) visa. Australian visa is based on a points system, which means the more points an applicant garners based on her or his skills, credentials, and specific cases, the faster his Australian visa application will be processed.

Skilled migrants and professionals whose occupations are included in the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) will be fast-tracked in their Australian working visa. As of time writing this, more trades and engineering occupations are set to be added to the MODL, giving more chances of a smooth Australian immigration to qualified applicants. 

Get started on your Australian Working Visa Now!
Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to apply for an Australian working visa. Australia is home to most vibrant cities in the world, promising equal opportunities to everyone, and it's simply a great life there.

Friday, September 29, 2006

OzFreeOnline Remains Secure in Face of Recent Online Shopping Scams

Amidst recent increase in spam, scam, and other fraudulent activities that have been plaguing most classified companies, OzFreeOnline reassures its customers that the site remains secure and safe.

Internet hackers are getting more and more devious nowadays, and along with it identity theft becomes all the more sophisticated and costly. Yearly, billions of dollars are siphoned off by scammers. Admittedly, shopping online always has its risks. While OzFreeOnline disavows any responsibility from transactions that occur between members, the site does its best in preventing and counteracting online con artist to protect members.

Indeed OzFreeOnline is run by a select group of search engine optimisation specialists (SEOS), web developers, and programmers, who maintain the site in top shape. Since Day one, the site prides itself for the geniuses behind it who have dedicated themselves to the free flow of goods and the fight against spam.

Perhaps the best advice to buyers is never spend more on online classifieds than you're afford to lose. Many a scam e-mails have asked unsuspecting victims to provide their credit card details on the pretext that the seller has already released the goods. It would be certainly wise then for both parties to seek an escrow company (such as as their arbiter. Here, instead of the buyer directly handing payment to the seller, the buyer hands it over to the escrow company first, who then promptly turns it over to the seller once the buyer has received the goods and approved it

Online shopping may be risky nowadays, but if buyers will only be vigilant, they are sure to get their money’s worth, or even more.

Monday, September 25, 2006

There's an Ace Crowd at Oz Free Online

OzFree is where everyone in Oz is hanging out lately. Why not? It's FREE online classifieds where you're always top priority.

That's because OzFreeOnline is maintained by a dedicated and expert group of search engine specialists, web developers, and programmers, who make sure the site beats all others in the search results of every—yes—every major search engine. 
If you got a car to sell, or an apartment to rent out, or a collectible to auction, or never-been-used trainers you'd like to swap for something else, then trust OzFree to let everyone in Oz know about it in no time. Who knows, you can even find a job here. And, with the newly opened OzFree Forum, get to meet, good and fair dinkum mates.

So, basically, there's so much things you can do and have at OzFreeOnline, which is, again, why everybody is here. You're your own hostage, and for a good cause, mind you. You get to make money out of something free.

And hey, unlike major competitors, OzFree is still free--it's built that way and that's how it's going to stay. You simply have to register and that's it, instant membership. Now, get to trade online the fast and sensible way. Whatever you need, somebody in OzFree has it for a fair price. Whatever you're selling, post an ad and pic, and someone in OzFree needs it. Simply put, OzFreeOnline is where Oz converges.